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Welcome to

Little Tuscany Neighborhood

We are friends and neighbors who desire to build community and maintain or improve our quality of life through social engagement and advocacy while recognizing our unique natural environment and history.


It Began in 1934

when Palm Springs builder Alvah Hicks gave the area its name. He had recently returned from a visit to Tuscany, Italy where he became enamored with the artisanal stone construction that characterizes that region. Thus inspired, Hicks built seven Tuscany-style homes amidst Palm Springs' rocky hillside outcroppings.

Today, Little Tuscany is one of 50 Palm Springs neighborhoods and is home to more than 700 homes and several businesses. Over the years its borders have been expanded, and now even include a significant portion of Chino Canyon’s alluvial fan.


Upcoming Meetings & Events

Join Us for Next LTNO Board Meeting: Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023, 5:30pm

*Residents of Little Tuscany are welcome and encouraged to attend*


Palm Springs Public Library

300 S Sunrise Way, Palm Spring

Click here to see location on a MAP

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